Ten years going strong.

THe story of Atangard

The Atangard Community Project is housing justice for young people.

The Atangard Community Project was created by three sisters in their early 20s who dared to think about housing differently.  They decided to dream big, work (really) hard, and opt out of the housing rat race to create a community-centered space for truly living. 
Targeting the isolation caused by the condo and single detached models of housing, these young women envisioned a better future for themselves and for their young peers struggling to work, live and survive in the multi-barriered system handed to them.  
The result of their extraordinary effort and the resilient spirit of community that grew from it, has been 10 years of environmentally innovative, crime-free, affordable housing for youth.  Since then, Atangard has continued to blossom creating vibrant arts and culture initiatives and relationships that last a lifetime. 

Before Atangard

Atangard Community Project


Located in
Downtown Abbotsford


Atangard Community Project is situated on the traditional, unceded territory of the Stó:lō  peoples.

 The Stó:lō have an intrinsic relationship with S’olh Temexw (Our Sacred Land), a land they have occupied for over 4000 years.

We are grateful for the honour of living and working in this territory.