Atangard does community different.

Who we are



We promote a lifestyle, which places a high value on community and relationships, and environmental and social responsibility, while also supportng the personal endeavors of our residents.


We facilitate a platform where we can exercise daily a practical kindness towards our neighbors.


Our goal is to learn from and embrace both friends and strangers through our similarities and differences, strengths and shortcomings.


To provide affordable housing for students and young professionals. 

To actively pursue a lifestyle of Hospitality

To create a network of support for individual endeavors


Relationships and community are more valuable than personal freedoms and comforts.

It is important to live a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Creative expression is a valuable and vital part of society and health.

Choices are motivated by belief in a cause and not by expectation of results.

Keep up to date with Atangard events

Atangard is proud to host events like skill shares for our entire community beyond our walls.

Our Events Director (or Director of Fun) volunteers their time to coordinate and organize these events.

Keep an eye out for information regarding future events on our social media.

Past events

Atangard Community Project

Located in
Downtown Abbotsford


Atangard Community Project is situated on the traditional, unceded territory of the Stó:lō  peoples.

 The Stó:lō have an intrinsic relationship with S’olh Temexw (Our Sacred Land), a land they have occupied for over 4000 years.

We are grateful for the honour of living and working in this territory.