Cycles and Circles

Over two yearsmany facesmany beautiful memoriesmany challengesLove,and passion sitting in a house meeting hearing the same things repeatedthe passion continuesseeing Jamie’s face and realizing that mine is doing the sameThis is how you clean the cast iron pan cycles and circles“adult training centre” growing in and through the cycles of lovely peoplethe ever-changing themes of …

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The People of Atangard: David Fawcett

There are certain concepts or experiences that language cannot do justice – ‘Love’ and ‘God’ are prime examples. How each of us understands and interacts with these concepts or experiences is subjective and rooted in complex neurological networks making language a somewhat ineffective means of explaining them to others who have different understandings and experiences. …

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Bohemian Hotel

Welcome to our clapboard chicken coop apartment building on Montrose and Essendene crammed with soothsayers and disavowed nine-to-five hipster wraiths strumming beats in top floor brick and flannel nests. Our communal living paradise, conducting priorities of holistic enterprise, communists if you will, in that simple Jazz way, contemplating manifestos that encapsulate renovated crack-shack hotels. Societal …

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