Atangard Community Project started providing housing in September of 2009 after two years of planning and development. The grassroots initiative was a collaborative effort of friends, family and community working together creating an alternative living option, placing an emphasis on relationships and community. The Atangard Community Project Society is a non-profit organization which provides affordable accommodations for students and young professionals with an emphasis on community. There are 19 rooms with private bathrooms, some large enough for double occupancy.  Also provided are a common kitchen area, dining room, lounge, and laundry facilities. These residences are managed by the directors of the Atangard Community Project.

Atangard was created to be a place that would allow people to put time and energy into pursuing their passions, a place that would inspire creativity and action, a place that would cause us to grow and teach us to love. Affordability is a mantra, made possible by collaboration and service, freeing up resources so we can focus our energies in worthwhile projects.

We have tasted pieces of these endeavors and hopes. Thereare always more ways that we can improve things.

“It was a home that sheltered a cult of creativity, and of what he called ‘the discovery of the world through the service of entrance.’ His mother collected all kinds of colorful people, irrespective of their social status, and brought them home. It was a fascinating human zoo.”

A quote from Che Guevara’s biography describing his homelife

PURPOSE (or why we’re here in the first place)


We promote a lifestyle, which places a high value on community and relationships, and environmental and social responsibility, while also supporting the personal endeavours of residents. We facilitate a platform where we can exercise daily a practical kindness toward our neighbour. Our goal is to learn from and embrace both friends and strangers through our similarities and differences, strengths and shortcomings.


  • To provide affordable housing for students and young professionals.
  • To actively pursue a lifestyle of hospitality.
  • To create a network of support for individual endeavors.


  • Relationships and community are more valuable than personal freedoms and comforts.
  • It is important to live a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle.
  • Creative expression is a valuable and vital part of society and health.
  • Choices are motivated by belief in a cause and not just the expectation of results.

“The Project” is simply that – a project, a group that is seeking to live together in community. – This blog was originally meant as a sounding board for a group of people who were trying to discover how they could bring about positive change in their community. If this is your first introduction to the Atangard Community Project Society you should be made aware that this blog does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the Society itself but rather the individual opinions of our members. When you read the entries in this blog treat them as you would a conversation you over-hear in a coffee-shop, one you might contribute to, one you may not agree with everything that is said, but one that has a central theme you can also be passionate about.