People of Atangard: Jess Smith

A friend of mine that has seen me through many stages of my life came to visit me at Atangard for the first time. She stayed over for dinner and we hung out in the funk lounge with everyone. At the end of the night she looked at me and said, “Jess you’re kind of weird…in a good way.” She went on to share with me how she could see how the unique parts of me were embraced in this place. She left it by saying, “Jess, you’ve found your people.”
At the time of writing this it had only been seven months that I had called Atangard home- and that’s what it truly became- a home. And it through all of it’s seasons and new faces it has remained my home for the past two years.

Atangard is a community of quirky, open minded people who accepted me with open arms. I have grown and learned so much here.

-Jessica Smith

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