ATANGARDEN: We’re baaaaaack!

There are hundreds of worms out there! We are pumped! They are busy working their magic on our soil, doing their thang, and we are thankful to each one of them. Without them, I don’t know where we’d be.

We’ve spent a number of saturdays out in the garden prepping things; weeding those annoying lego plants, re-building the inukshuk with great care, transplanting compost, lugging cinder blocks, adding new garden boxes, talking with curious passersby, painting signs, pruning, more weeding of lego plants, PLANTING many seeds, and praying for sunshine. It has been RAIN town. But we have gum boots and gumption. So all is well.

This is a picture of me putting saw dust around Blueberry Lane, which Tessa has made a beautiful sign for. And Sofe is taking some compost from the mother box and putting it into other, smaller ones.

Here is another action shot of Sofe sharing the compost wealth. And also proof that the tulip bulbs Sofe picked up for free last year grew.

A rare sunny moment in the garden. I can’t wait for more of this! (Dan + Vicki = lovebirds)
So far we have planted the following:
-brussels sprouts (started sprouting)
-broccoli (starter plants, about 4 in tall)
-potatoes (sprouting)
-garlic (sprouting)
-parsley (starter plant)
-oregano (starter plant)
-leafy greens (started sprouting)
-sunflowers (started sprouting)
-basil (it died 🙁 )
-chives (came back from last year)
-mint (came back from last year)
I hope I didn’t forget anything.
We plan on still planting zucchini, carrots, corn, tomatoes, and whatever else our collective hearts decide upon….

(All photography done by Tiffany Suderman, merci beaucoup)

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