How long has this been “in the works”?
This grassroots initiative started in the summer of 2007 when a group of friends, family, and acquaintances gathered around the idea of shared living to fill a housing gap for their demographic and create a model that focuses on relationships and utilizes the economic benefits accompanies a cooperative lifestyle. It took two years of meetings, preparation, renovations and paperwork before the Atangard opened to residents September 1st , 2009.

Who is eligible to apply?
The applicant will be between the ages of 19 and 35, and either a student enrolled in an accredited educational institution and/or employed.

How do I get in?
The screening process includes both an application and interview element. Go to the Apply page for more info.

Why are you doing this?
We want to promote a lifestyle, which places high value on relationships. Our target demographic often deals with unstable living arrangements, isolation and stressful finances. Living together can enable a lifestyle of environmental and social responsibility, while also creating a network of support for individual endeavors.

Who is part of the Society and what are its values?
The Atangard Community Project directorship is comprised of our residents. As a society we believe that there are economical alternative lifestyles available when people work together. We are committed to actively pursuing a lifestyle of hospitality and believe that creative expression is a valuable and vital part of society and health.

In what ways does Atangard promote its values?
There are many side-projects that the residents participate in that coincide with Atangard’s values. The residents embrace their downtown neighborhood and frequent many of the local shops and businesses. They take part in the coordination of Jam in Jubilee Concert Series and Art Market along with a mélange of other downtown neighbors. Many residents of The Atangard are active in community building, art, music and politics. Many residents like to bike, garden, recycle, and cook together. They also operate an auto-share among themselves.

What is expected of a resident of Atangard?
The Atangard operates on the generosity of those who live there. Respect towards each other is a priority and is often recognized in ways such as cleaning up after oneself and being aware of noise etc. All residents are expected to participate in a meal schedule, monthly housemeetings, and cleaning schedule.

If you have any more questions, please visit our Contact page.