Slow & Steady

Summer has come, which often brings many changes as people transition from school to work or head out tree planting. This summer, however, the change is fairly subdued. Only 2 housemates went planting, and only one new friend is subletting.

Last summer brought a slew of new residents. There is always air of excitement in those new times of discovery. At times the energy and changes can be a bit overwhelming, as your home, the most intimate of places, changes shape. After some months the dust settles and routines emerge.

This summer, though, has been lazy. Relaxing. Many of our housemates have been here for at least a year now. There is a comfort that comes in the consistency, and a subtle security from the depth of having lived together for a substantial amount of time now. 
I told one resident upon moving in, “It takes time to get to know people, and a year for things to really get good.” He didn’t believe me at first. He told me later how he keeps being surprised by people as relationships mature and grow. I’m sure it is also in part, that life changes us too. As housemates we get to journey with people through these exploratory times.

Of course it is not all flowers and roses. Many times we may not feel that connected to one another. But when I take a step back from it all – I realize the beauty of it. I feel privileged to be a part.
Thanks everyone!

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