Christmas at the Atangard

It’s been quite festive here this holiday season. We’ve had more charlie brown tree’s than you could hope to wish for, a retro movie night, a gift exchange and stocking sweatshop. Not to mention a christmas recital for our parents where the mens sextet battled the atangard family band. In the end they were equal in entertainment and charm. The evening was packed with music, readings, carols, parents, and friends. Thanks for sharing the evening with us. Thanks to Joanne for the photos.



The Christmas Marshamoo
Written by Daniel Bryce
Some people say that Christmas has lost all of its charm
And commercialist consumption does LESS good than harm
The concept of gift giving has gone right out of the door
Gift getting is the only thing people think of anymore
The food is rich and fatty and unhealthy at its core
While hanging out with family is either fights or being bored.
And then there’s global warming to wipe White Christmas from the Earth
And no one seems to recall that we’re celebrating birth.
Well all this Christmas un-cheer tends to put us in a bind
And plant anti-Christmas sentiment deep within our minds
BUT WAIT! Hold on a minute what about positive things
All the Cheer and Joy and Warmth and Love that Christmas often brings?

So before you give up on Christmas, before Christmas concedes defeat
There is some one very special that I think you all should meet
I am the Christmas Marshamoo A-Kalawalla Parsen Loo
And I am here to entreat you to not give up on Christmas
May head is made of turkey the most Christmasy of birds.
It’s stuffed with garlic, onion, bread and butter mixed with herbs
One leg is a Christmas tree with presents underneath
The other is a winter sleigh festooned with Christmas wreaths
My right arm’s tattoo’d with Wisemen following a bright and morning star

While my left is full of flutes and drums and a choir with Guitars.
I have a Poinsettia on my head and big white Santa beard
But my ugly Christmas sweater makes me look quite weird.
My heart it is a fireplace and always burning bright
It keeps you warm and toasty on those long cold Christmas Nights
(Except of course for those who live in the southern half of the hemisphere…)
I am the Christmas Marshamoo A-Kalawalla Parsen Loo
And I am here to entreat you to not give up on Christmas

When Timmy was a little boy
Christmas always brought him joy
It wasn’t just the clothes and toys
It was something much more special

When Tessa was a little girl
She valued Christmas more than pearls
And wouldn’t trade it for the world
It was something very special

When Ash was just a little pup
He hoped that Christmas wouldn’t stop
Wait dogs don’t understand that stuff

But then again Christmas is Magic
And I am the Christmas Marshamoo A-Kalawalla Parsen Loo
And I am here to entreat you to not give up on Christmas
So with last things last and first things first
Christmas can not come out worse
In fact it is the time of year
When we should all be filled with cheer
With friends and family drawing near
And gifts are given, songs are sung
Heartfelt caring things are done
Christmas can be so much fun
When we remember why we’re here.
So the last thing I have to say to you
Is remember what is tried and true
And keep me in your thoughts this Chirstmas
I am the Christmas Marshamoo A-Kalawalla Parsen Loo
And I am here to entreat you to not give up on Christmas

The night before Christmas at Atangard
Adapted by Sophia Suderman

Twas the night before Christmas, all through the hotel
Not a creature was stirring, not even Yunal.
And downstairs at Airfair the lights were down low,
Not a person on Essendene, not even a hoe.
And the fireplace – what fireplace? We didn’t even have heat,
But we sat at the table to drink and to eat.
Mark came out in his snuggy and Chad joined along,
And we all warmed our hearts with a Christmassy song.

Until up on the roof there arose such a clatter,
That gave Len a call to see what was the matter.
Chad ran to his window nose pressed to the pane,
When dropped into the atrium our familiar friend Shane.

This time he looked different, he did not wear black, but instead dressed in red complete with a hat.
His eyes were not glazed in fact quite the contrary, his beer belly had doubled and he now seemed quite merry

Like deja-vous he opened the door, his heavy black boots footprinted our floor
He walked into the pantry and set down his sack, “Here’s a bottle of vinegar I want to give back.
One of balsamic, another of cider, rice vinegar, white vinegar, even one lighter!”
This time he did not come to take he explained. In fact, he very much wanted to bake.

In the kitchen we gathered and Shane went to work, we told him we were sorry we’d called him a jerk.
Jen and Marissa brought gluten free flour, we made gingerbread and constructed a tower.
The evening passed and the clock struck eight, Tess started yawning, it was getting late.
We thanked Shane as he told us he must get back to work, there were plenty more rooftops on which he would lurk.

Then he left in a flash, just as quick as he came, this time we won’t call the cops we exclaimed.
And as Shane wandered away out of sight, I’m sure I heard him mutter
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night…”

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