times are changing

This month marks our two year anniversary. At this point we have now been in operation for the equivalent amount of time that this project was in development. Time flies.

Two years marks many changes for us. Over this last year, and maybe more so the last months, many who have been here since the beginning have decided to move on. Only half of our original residents remain, and even fewer are those who used to meet for that year prior to moving in. Our directorship has changed as well as the introduction of an executive director position. The evolution of these things are what is needed to make this place sustainable and hopefully enable it to serve people beyond the investment of the founders. I believe it is a good place to be in, and yet I cannot help but feel a little nostalgic.
I don’t believe that there will ever be people who will care as deeply for this place as those who put their life on hold to see it happen. Those who met weekly for over a year, who prayed and grappled with this concept and the feasibility of it, and those who spent every saturday and a few evenings a week in the summer of 09 doing reno’s.
It has been awesome to have new housemates and new directors on board. Fresh energy and ideas to replace our weariness and remind us of the beauty of this place, and new people to learn of and from. I am grateful for the people that live here, for those who have been around since the beginning, those who are new, as well as those who we have loved and have now moved on.

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