The eye of the storm

It seems that conflict and controversy have visited us at long last. It has in my opinion been long overdue. We have had one fairly sleepy, fairly easy year. I have no grid by which to measure our journey, and sometimes I think of more common life’s examples, though they are quite different. I have heard the first year of marriage is the hardest. I expected this year to be harder. It is interesting that things arise exactly to date on the one year anniversary of this place. Once again I feel that a point of celebration is being downplayed by the arising of another challenge.

So conflict, though our enemy, and a point of discomfort, is not necessarily a bad thing. It is through these things which we will allow to either destroy us, or make us stronger. I hope that we choose to honor one another over ourselves. That we choose to deal with root issues and not push things below the surface. That we will be honest and vulnerable with one another.

An easy relationship carries no depth or solidarity. It is meaningless. It is only based on convenience.

This is a point where we choose what we want, and what is important to us. My friends, lets think about this.

I hope for myself that I can find the strength, humility, and wisdom to help navigate us through this storm. One year in and I feel my energy fading. I do not know how to make this lifestyle sustainable. I used to consider myself a fairly level-headed even keel person. I never understood how some people could live their lives in a constant state of drama. It seems as of late that I am consistently bouncing between one emotionally induced state to another. I don’t know if I have become hyper-sensitive, or if I am placed in an emotional epicenter.

I will leave us with this. It is our action that will change things – not overprocessing. Time will tell the outcome.
Happy One Year.


2 thoughts on “The eye of the storm”

  1. Hello Friends! My wife and I were thinking about you tonight. Hope and pray that you would have courage and strength through the conflict. We are only a few months into the first year of marriage, and it is true, intimacy leads to conflict. So I guess both you and us are on the right track.

    Missing you all,
    Your friend and fellow journeyer,


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