It was the best of times and the worst of times

It’s one year today since we acquired the keys and started renovations. Six months that we’ve been living here. Dad and I were recounting it the other day. He said that it was up there with some of the most challenging things he’d ever done in his life. Actually, it was second on the list only to overcoming his period of illness. This challenge was definitely the most trying that I have ever faced, mind you I am a lot younger than he. Often in the midst of the overwhelming chaos I could only see what was right in front of me, the next thing to be done. There was never a moment to celebrate because each small victory lead to another obligatory duty. All this to say, I had only a very vague hope of what the future, what living together would look like. Actually, I did not really plan what I thought it would look like, I only had a hope that it would work out. That there would be interest enough to fill our rooms, and that it would be an enriching experience for its duration.

And now we find ourselves here.

Sometimes I find myself still amazed that it actually came to be. That we are actually living in the Fraser Valley Inn. How strange it is. And sometimes I find myself absolutely overwhelmed by the goodness of things that I had never dared to imagine in my hopeful anticipation. Some dinners when our dining room is full of housemates and friends and good food and conversation, my heart is full. Sometimes after a directors meeting I feel blessed to have a depth of relationship to know these good people so fully, to have them work with and if need be, to fight with as well.

And then there are other times that seem somewhat surreal. I think that those are the events when you are truly caught off-guard. The impromptu peter pan dance party, Annie’s dinners, having The Geese come and play for us, and last night with Karen playing her harp and Ron speaking – these are times I will cherish.

In tension to this. I will say that it was one endeavor that pushed me beyond my capacity and at times still does. There are times when I am socially overwhelmed. There are times when I am so frustrated by messes and dirty dishes. And times when I just need to retreat to my room and try and find my peace. But I think that the hardest things in life are the most rewarding, and so I am content and grateful to be here to learn and live.


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  1. that was so well put – you have done a fab job- living and working there too and yes pushing thru many things- well done!! faithful servant- that is what you will hear one day!! if not by someone that lives in there with you!! atangard mom

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