Bullet Train to Lake Titicaca

Sometimes I worry that our society is heading down a path that seems too fast and smooth. Are we steadily climbing the hill of progress with out really knowing where it goes?
Perhaps its like a train heading up a hill with the tracks ending in a lake on the otherside…. for those of us that know this, there are three options:
Take over the engine room and slow it down/send it on a different path
(the reason why I am involved in Green Party politics)
Take over the brake room and bring the train to a halt
(the reason I study and believe in anarchism)
Build flotation devices for our train car so that we can unhitch from those that didnt when we hit the lake and turn our train into a boat.
(the reason why I am involved in Atangard)

The middle one is the most violent and socially jarring, the first one is the most difficult and the last… well we still end up in the lake.

Can we act within our social circles and within the limitations of our selfishness to look beyond our community and grades, families and careers to things that are lasting?

You could say this is a spiritual ideology but it is also a earthy earthly one.

Lets build some floats, support those who want to take over the Engine room and pay attention when a few “fringe” activists want to break into the the brake room.

yes it is dan….
of course who else

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