A Little Clarity Perhaps

This blog was originally meant as a sounding board for a group of people who were trying to discover how they could bring about positive change in their community. If this is your first introduction to the Atangard Community Project Society you should be made aware that this blog does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the Society itself but rather the individual opinions of our members. Though there is significant spiritual/religious content from the various contributors the ACP Society is a completely secular organization.

That said, most cultures around the world have some spiritual component that acts as a motivating factor and Abbotsford has a prolific and deep connection with the Christian tradition. With that in mind it is not a surprise that many of the people involved in this project were and are Christians.

If some of the content in here offends you we are sorry, it was not the intent, they are merely personal opinions and reflections. The community of Atangard is full of different world-views and backgrounds and we hope to increase that diversity overtime. We do not want to push people away from the important concept of community because it is associated with an ideology that they disagree with; conversely we do not wish to censor individual opinions.

When you read the entries in this blog treat them as you would a conversation you over-hear in a coffee-shop, one you might contribute to, one you may not agree with everything that is said, but one that has a central theme you can also be passionate about.

Welcome to our community!

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