This weeks meeting was the second meeting at our long awaited prayer request, the project. But now that it is in progress I have felt that the prayer requests are different, at least for me. There are not huge road blocks stopping us from the renovation process. With the renovations happening there came ideas, concerns and logistics to discuss. After that business was tended to Sophie expressed her concern about not letting the project become an identity. It is not meant to glorify yourself, or give you identification but it is a common goal our community shares. There has been many people giving their time and energy to renovations. There are some that have been blessed with free schedules, there are others that slot their time in between their work elsewhere. This makes the atangard truly a community project.

Dave Gug spoke about love, in order to give love you must first be able to receive it. Worldly love is not enough there is a void that still needs to be filled. Debbie and Dave Suderman shared about their experience when their marriage began. Getting married was very exciting and busy for them and when the wedding was over they had an awakening. The void they thought was easily filled turned out to be something that was designed to be filled by the Lord not each other.

Sometimes I can go from friend to friend to boyfriend seeing how much one can contribute to my void. I can honestly say I am completely happy with my incredible boyfriend who compliments me very well. My friends add to my happiness but being wonderful listeners and laughing at my jokes. My community makes me feel loved and included. But in the midst of all my happiness I don’t feel completely full. It’s like going to bed hungry, you try to sleep but your stomach growls and your thoughts float from nachos to a fruit smoothie. It’s an urge that doesn’t want to be ignored, you can sleep it off but it will stay on your mind until it has been satisfied. Hungry, I come to you for I know you satisfy.


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